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Originally posted on Ramblings of a Mad Man:
One side wants all mention and practice of God gone, the other prays.  One side believes in American traditions like helping your neighbor, the other side believes in helping themselves and letting the Federal government help their neighbor instead.  One side believes lying to achieve one’s objective…

Ostriches Should NOT Vote!

It turns out most people don’t follow politics.  Like ostriches with their heads in the sand, they don’t seem to know up from down, as long as it doesn’t affect their lives directly (and 107% increases in gas prices apparently doesn’t affect them).  I find this to be selfish, ignorant and irresponsible.  What these people […]

Am I Better Off Than Four Years Ago? Are You?

Are you better off? Since 2010: 20% inflation In commodities, making groceries more expensive 103% inflation in gas prices 42 months of 8% + unemployment, $4,300 loss in personal income – the first drop since WWII From 1st to 7th in global competitiveness,  two – that’s TWO credit downgrades – the first in our nation’s […]

The Funny Money Game Our Government is Playing

First, you need to understand a couple of terms; Currency Velocity and Weimar Republic. Currency Velocity is the measure of how long it takes for money to move from the printing press at the Treasury department back to the shredders at the Treasure Department, assuming each bill is used only once.  So a dollar made […]

White People for Romney!

White People for Romney!  Does that sound racist to you?  It should.  It is racist without question!  So how about African Americans for Obama?  Sound racist?  Of course!  You can’t have it both ways – even if you’re a reporter.  Actually, I’m not even a Romney supporter (yet). I just wanted to make the point […]

An Open Letter to the “99%”

I’ve seen the Wall Street Protesters, and now the Seattle Protesters complain about a wide variety of financial problems.  Some of which I agree with, some of which I don’t. I’ve been out of work for 1 ½ years.  I’ve lost track of the number of resumes I’ve sent out, and the number of screening […]

Good vs Bad – The Israeli Jews: How and WHY we should support them

God made a promise the Jewish people that he would keep his covenant with them.  If God broke his promise, he could not be God because God is always faithful and true.  Therefore, if the Jewish people were ever completely exterminated, God would no longer be able to keep his promise; therefore, he could no […]

Greatness is Determined by One’s Enemies – I Am the Tea Party!

My mom always told me I’d be known by the company I keep.  Inversely, if the people I would never hang out with are calling me names, telling me to go straight to hell, and talking about taking me out, I guess I picked the right group of people to hang out with! I hear […]

A Declaration of Rights & Responsibilities

Declaration of Rights & Responsibilities As the American Declaration of Independence clearly states…when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for people to band together and collectively declare their rights and responsibilities to which the laws of nature and nature’s God entitle and bind them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires […]

We’re in the Silly Season Now!

It’s that time again.  Get ready to get sick of political ads.  If you know me, you know what a freak I’ve become. I actually like this stuff!  Please take a moment to vote in my first-ever poll.  If you have any problems with it, please let me know.  

Keynsians, Trickle Down and Firewood

Keynesians think we needed a bigger economic stimulus.  They say if we had just spent enough, the economy would be growing now. This theory has never been proven -and can’t be proven – because if it fails, supporters can always claim more money was needed   But what they fail to realize is that the author of this theory, John Maynard Keyenes – […]

FAA The first step in Reducing Government Spending.

The FAA is complaining. Thousands of employees are on furlough.  Projects are not being completed. Security forces have been cut. That’s the result of the FAA not automatically receiving a pay increase like it has the past 20 times it has asked for it according to President Obama. DUH!  Sorry it had to start with the FAA […]

Are you an Ostrich?

I’m not an Ostrich – Are you? If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know I enjoy having an opinion. I also like to share my opinion about politics, religion, current events, the price of tea in China, you name it. I often get into discussions with other “Non-ostriches” and nearly always learn something new. […]

Will you Vote in 2012?

The Founding Fathers originally allowed only property owners to have a vote.  Mostly white men, and some white women and a few African Americans were the only voters in the beginning.  The thought was that only property owners would listen closely to what people running for office said, and would hold them to account when […]

Just When I Think I Get It… (via Ramblings of a Mad Man)

Just when I think I Get It… Like most people, I was overjoyed when the media announced that Usama Bin Laden (UBL) was killed by American Heroes. I saw the President make the official announcement, and subsequently enjoy praise for making a tough decision with a successful outcome. I also wanted to see, I mean […]