Living in the United Socialist States of Amerika

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One side wants all mention and practice of God gone, the other prays.  One side believes in American traditions like helping your neighbor, the other side believes in helping themselves and letting the Federal government help their neighbor instead.  One side believes lying to achieve one’s objective is acceptable as long as it is for what they consider the greater good, the other believes lying is wrong and that the means do not justify the ends.  One side believes there is nothing wrong with spending everything you make, borrowing as much as you can, and spending that too.    The other side believes that will result in bankruptcy, and economic strife.  Finally, one side is represented by people who rape one another, destroy property, defecate on police cars and openly do drugs, have orgies and perform other vile acts reminiscent of Caligula’s Rome.  The other side works with churches & charities to help the less fortunate and victims of natural disasters.

If you left politics out of the equation, which side would you choose to stand with?  Slightly more than half of the country is on the wrong side of this scenario.  Which one?Do you believe God is bad, lying, and misbehaving are great and spending your money and your kids’ money and your grandkids’ money is perfectly acceptable?  Then you’re in the slight majority, but that’s NOT the America I swore an oath to protect. My America is gone. Gone are the days when the truth mattered, when goodness was the norm and personal responsibility was expected. Welcome to the United Socialist States of Amerika.

How does one survive in this new Amerika?  Well, it seems to me the first rule is to accept no responsibility for anything, an example set by President Obama.  It’s not your fault if you do something; it’s someone else’s fault, and you deserve a payoff from the other 53% of people in the country who pay taxes.  You’re not responsible for anything, and you deserve to be on the government’s payroll.

The second rule in Amerika is that pornography, sodomy and murder of unborn babies is good, any form of religion is bad.  Worshipping Hollywood stars, and celebrity gossip is what’s expected in the American Idol-centric Amerika.  News of the day focuses on sex scandals, car chases and gossip.  When they do actually report on news issues, they have a far-left agenda and openly support the President’s agenda.  If you are dumb enough to spout the facts, you’re branded a racist, hater or conspiracy theorist.  If you’re not getting your information completely from Jon Stewart and the Huffington post, you’re only getting what they call misinformation.  Fox News and the like are full of crazies and not to be trusted in Amerika

The third rule of surviving Amerika is to be a good parrot.  Whenever a representative of “The 99%” speaks to a group of followers, the rule is to parrot back, in chants, what the speaker says.  If you’re actually doing your own research and possibly being exposed to factual information, you’re out of line and should be violently criticized.  Amerikans must have the lowest IQs possible to be accepted.

In the old America, it was considered a good thing to become successful.  Becoming rich and famous was a worthwhile goal.  In Amerika, if you’re not a Democratic politician Like Charlie Rangle, with his own Villa or the latest Hollywood bad girl, you’d better not get rich because you’re labeled a “one percent-er”, and as such you are inherently evil.  In Amerika, the dream is not fame & fortune, it’s getting as much as possible from others by using the federal government to move money out of a rich non-politician, non-hollywood person’s pocket and giving it to someone else, namely you.

Language is another Amerikan tool.  If the other side gets too excited about an issue, or if you want to distribute propaganda, word choice is important. Job losses for example are not the loss of jobs, rather they are job increases.  More jobs created.  Offering benefits and assistance is the new employment paradigm laid out by Nancy Pelosi.  Amerikans use language to obfuscate the meaning of what they want to do.  The truth is relative and malleable in Amerika.

On War, America had a tradition of the left being against war and the right supporting our troops.  Of course this is a generalization, but basically it was understandable when viewed this way.  In Amerika, I don’t really know.  Some are against war, some are pro-war. The President says he’s anti-war, but has put troops into more countries than any President in history.  Of course, most Amerikans don’t know this because they don’t care.  What Amerikans know about war, is the mostly fabricated war on (you fill in the blank – women, minorities, homosexuals, pigeons…). These media-created wars pass as more important in Amerika than actual wars like Afghanistan or against Muslim Radicals who have been at war, killing Americans since 1983.  To Amerikans, these are merely distractions from the real wars on whomever they specify as a target group.

The last topic I’ll address here is Amerika’s foreign policy. Amerikans believe that the United States of America was an imperialist country who stole resources from the rest of the world, creating its success on the backs of others illegally and immorally. That’s why they killed it.  By bringing down America’s economic standing, and bringing up those in the African and Middle Eastern regions, comes from the belief that everyone will get a “fair shot” that was unavailable to them while America existed.

While there are more rules to this Amerika, it isn’t necessary to list them all, because as any good Amerikan knows, rules don’t matter.  All you have to do is lie about something long enough and often enough and the media will tell us it’s the truth, so rules in Amerika are for those who make the rules.

I don’t know how to live in The United Socialist States of Amerika.  I’m a dinosaur.  Truth, Honesty, Charity and Hope are gone.  Hard work is anathema when all I have to do is call upon the government to provide me with a living, housing, food and whatever special gimme’s that are available at the time.  Personal responsibility leads to ridicule and denunciation. Worst of all, if I profess to have faith in God, I’m labeled a religious nut, racist and hate-monger.

Somehow, if I’m not part of the 47% of people not paying taxes and receiving freebies, I’m evil.  In Amerika, giving things to the population wins elections.  The person giving the most wins.  It doesn’t matter what experience or strength of character a person has, instead to become President, Congressman or political appointee, all you have to do is make promises to give more free stuff to you. In my former country of America, running a state, rescuing the Olympics and starting a successful business that spawned other successful businesses would be considered good qualification for the job.  In Amerika someone who never had a job, spends time with Hollywood and didn’t show up to vote much of the time, but did have two years in congress passed as qualification. Twice.

I don’t understand Amerika’s culture either.  Facts don’t matter, in fact, they are largely ignored in favor of slanted “Newspeak”.  Everything I learned in business school is wrong in Amerika.  Things like living within your means and saving for a rainy day are antiquated and nonsensical ideas that belong to a bygone country.  They have no meaning in the new Amerika.  Marriage in Amerika can be between a man and woman, man and man, woman and woman or man and animal.  In Amerika, since you’re allowed to rape each other and do drugs openly, you can marry and have sex with anyone or anything you choose.  Amerikan Freedom.

The most striking feature of this new country is the fact that while I was always somewhat conservative, I wasn’t a stand out.  I was slightly right of center.  Today I’m a radical, even though my beliefs have not changed.  I believe in faith, hope and charity and live by a code of God, Family, Country, Duty.  The very definition of “Radical” in Amerika. 

I am encouraged when I look at a county-by county electoral map.  President Obama won the election and the popular vote, but if you look at the map, it is clear that his support was largely in metropolitan areas across the country.  By far, everywhere else went against him.  Centers of population elected Obama.  So there’s hope that we can bring back America.

I wrote this simply to say, “I can’t kill myself, and the Rapture hasn’t happened yet, so how do I survive in Amerika?”  Everything I grew up to believe is now considered wrong.  I can’t change what I believe, so what exactly am I supposed to do?

Am I still expected to help support my family? or do I let the government care for them from birth until death?  Do I still pledge allegiance to a flag? Which one? If I become successful somehow, does that mean I’ll be a target?  I mean, I’m not a politician or Hollywierd type, so success is bad, right?  What about my grandchildren?  When I lived in America, we used to celebrate “Tax Freedom Day” – the day you stopped working theoretically to pay taxes and started working for yourself.  In Amerika, will there ever be such a day?  Will my kids and grandkids work year round, just to pay the bill on the huge debt we’ve incurred?  Or will the country declare bankruptcy?  We’ve already seen Amerika’s credit worthiness downgraded twice.

I don’t know how to live in this new country. The last election meant something to me because I loved America. I will mourn her death.

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