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Ramblings of a Mad Man

One side wants all mention and practice of God gone, the other prays.  One side believes in American traditions like helping your neighbor, the other side believes in helping themselves and letting the Federal government help their neighbor instead.  One side believes lying to achieve one’s objective is acceptable as long as it is for what they consider the greater good, the other believes lying is wrong and that the means do not justify the ends.  One side believes there is nothing wrong with spending everything you make, borrowing as much as you can, and spending that too.    The other side believes that will result in bankruptcy, and economic strife.  Finally, one side is represented by people who rape one another, destroy property, defecate on police cars and openly do drugs, have orgies and perform other vile acts reminiscent of Caligula’s Rome.  The other side works with churches & charities…

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