Am I Better Off Than Four Years Ago? Are You?

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Are you better off?

Since 2010:

  • 20% inflation In commodities, making groceries more expensive
  • 103% inflation in gas prices
  • 42 months of 8% + unemployment,
  • $4,300 loss in personal income – the first drop since WWII
  • From 1st to 7th in global competitiveness, 
  • two – that’s TWO credit downgrades – the first in our nation’s history,
  • a falling dollar – meaning it now takes $1.32 to buy what $1 did in 2010
  • a failed attempt to make friends in the middle east – despite growing up there
  • Choosing industry winners and losers – can you say Solyndra? 
  • Attempts at removing the private vote in union elections,
  • Bankrupting the coal industry,
  • Moving oil production out of the gulf of mexico – no, wait, it’s still there, Obama gave the permits to Brazil. 
  • The government took over student loans and tuition is up 25%.
  • 12,500 new IRS agents – to enforce Obamacare

The Post Office, Amtrak, the department of licensing. Government is not good at running businesses because there is no profit incentive, so costs are irrelevant to them.  No change in this. 

Remember also: every agency, quasi-governmental body and thousands of social cause groups from communists to anti-imperialist anarchists supports the Obama campaign.  Add in the classics of GLBT issues and pro-abortionists; they won’t be voting Romney this year.

We intervened in Libya, but not in Syria and now have people in Uganda. We told the entire world the date and time of our departure from Afghanistan, walked the Dali llama out the back door, past the trash and left Israel’s Prime Minister waiting while Obama had dinner with his family. Not very neighborly.

Hired a card-carrying Communist as his Green “Czar”.  And let’s be clear: a Czar is only responsible to the president – not to the people of the U.S.  We can’t fire them.  Obama has more Czars than any president in history.

Given all of this, how can anyone really say we’re better off?  Individually? Sure, but not as a country.  You may have gotten a new job, maybe you work in government.  I can understand supporting the status quo, but we aren’t even doing that. We’re declining.

I see that we have a choice, continued declining measurements or a change to  a more business-systems approach to government. Fiscal responsibility makes sense to me, but I love my parents & Grandmother and I want them to be protected. We didn’t get there under Obama.

  I’m not better off than I was four years ago and neither is the country. I understand business systems.  I’ll go with what I know. Warts and all, I’m supporting Romney.  I encourage you to consider it too.

What do you think?

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