White People for Romney!

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White People for Romney!

 Does that sound racist to you?  It should.  It is racist without question!  So how about African Americans for Obama?  Sound racist?  Of course!  You can’t have it both ways – even if you’re a reporter.

 Actually, I’m not even a Romney supporter (yet). I just wanted to make the point that our “Criminal in Chief” can get a pass for being a racist and a Socialist/Marxist, but if you or I wanted to start a group selecting a single race, we’d be hammered, and rightly so. This duplicity really pisses me off!

Since 43% of the “white vote” went to Obama’s election last time, why is he excluding those supporters? Because they aren’t “African-Americans”?  And what the hell is an African American anyway?  How many black people have even been to Africa?  Among my black friends, not one.  So why aren’t they simply called “Americans” I mean, I don’t tell people I’m an Irish-German-American.  I’m an American, period.  Shouldn’t we treat everyone equally in this country?

I know white people who are racists, and I don’t put up with it from them.  Why then should I put up with it from our President?  I didn’t vote for him because I examined his voting record as a Senator.  He has proven to be exactly who I knew him to be.  I’m not surprised he’s been such a miserable failure.  Still, does that give him the right to be openly racist?  I think not. 

I wish people would wake up and chastise the media for allowing this to stand. We are Americans. We are black, white, brown, yellow and all colors in between.  With the exception of our Native Americans, we are all immigrants to this land – sometime in the distant past for most of us.  The point to this is that we are “the Great Melting Pot” where different peoples, from different backgrounds are homogenized to become Americans.  We are not a collection of African, European or Asian-Americans.  Because of this, racism should never be allowed to exist.  We are Americans, period.

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  1. Susan Pelham

    We SHOULD treat everyone equally, but we don’t. The Truth. Live with it. Just because you think white people are being discriminated against doesn’t make it a big deal. Been going on forever for Blacks.

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