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Chapter One: Getting An Attitude Adjustment

There are basically four things you need to do to start on your way to having more stuff than your neighbor and showing him up at the Eagles club jamboree.  But first, you need an attitude adjustment. In order for you to change your life for the better, you first have to WANT to change […]

The Funny Money Game Our Government is Playing

First, you need to understand a couple of terms; Currency Velocity and Weimar Republic. Currency Velocity is the measure of how long it takes for money to move from the printing press at the Treasury department back to the shredders at the Treasure Department, assuming each bill is used only once.  So a dollar made […]

White People for Romney!

White People for Romney!  Does that sound racist to you?  It should.  It is racist without question!  So how about African Americans for Obama?  Sound racist?  Of course!  You can’t have it both ways – even if you’re a reporter.  Actually, I’m not even a Romney supporter (yet). I just wanted to make the point […]