A Hillbilly’s Blog to the good life – Introduction

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A Hillbilly’s Blog to the Good Life is adapted from:

A Hillbilly’s guide to the good life:

How to get the life you want without doing anything illegal or immoral or fattening

Written by Jay Sunderland

Introduction (Don’t skip this part!)

Thousands of books have been written on balancing work and family obtaining peace of mind getting more done in less time etc.  But what are the mechanics of achieving this seemingly unreachable utopia? What are the nuts and bolts of how you go about “stopping to smell the roses” when every day you’re busy pulling thorns?

If you’re anything like me – slightly crazy with delusions of grandeur –  you’ve read enough self-help books to claim a large portion of the rain forest for your very own. And if you’re as busy as I am, watching Star Trek reruns and counting the fleas on your dog, you probably collected your own library of self-help and motivational audiotapes, maybe even a few CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays is if you’re really screwed up.

And if you’re nothing like me, well,  I’m sorry.  But you opened this blog, so go ahead and read it.  Do the exercises just so you can spot those poor saps that really needed this book.  After all, without someone look down on, how would you know how superior you are?

For the rest of you the real question is “with all of this information at your fingertips, why aren’t you living the utopian lifestyle that all of these materials promised to bring you?  Why aren’t you living in that double wide trailer with the garden tub and all of that indoor plumbing?”  Sorry, I thought I’d add some personal goals just to liven things up.

The reasons (or excuses) probably number somewhere around one-hundred gajillion.  In dollars that’s approximately the amount of money my brother-in-law owes me, but they all boil down to one primary cause: ORDER.  To explain this, let me use the analogy of driving a truck.

Let’s say you went to the library –  you remember –  that place with all of the books and the old lady who kept giving you dirty looks and saying, “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  At the library you checked out every book ever written on driving a car. I know some of them don’t have pictures, but let’s just pretend you gave those books to your 15-year-old son who actually read every one of them.  Would you let him drive your brand-new used pickup when he finished reading?  I know, a 15-year old reading, right!

Assuming that he did read the books, would you let him drive? If not, why not?  You can probably think of more reasons than I can, so here’s the point; in order to drive a car, cook a meal, learn a new skill, or anything else worthwhile, you have to do things in the right order.   You have to follow a prescribed series of steps if you want the outcome to be what you intended.  That’s why the introduction of this book is at the beginning.  Plus, it’s where my wife made me put it!

Now that you’ve read the introduction, guess which chapter you need to start reading first?  For those of you wishing to start at the end of the book, I understand.  I only have one thing to say to you… LOSER!  You’re reading a blog that can change your life. A blog that contains the wisdom gleaned from books, tapes, CDs, movies, and personal interviews. A blog written with the accumulated knowledge of Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey, William Shakespeare, Anthony Robbins, Dr. Seuss, Willy Wonka, and Barney the dinosaur.  I know about all of these guys, and I’ve even read some of their stuff!  Now you want to throw all of my hard work away without even trying to utilize the principles it teaches.  Why I ought to…

If you’ve changed your mind, or if you’ve been eagerly reading this material, please disregard the preceding diatribe. Let’s just move on to, yup, you guessed it… Chapter 1.  Look for it in my next post.

What do you think?

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