Good vs Bad – The Israeli Jews: How and WHY we should support them

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God made a promise the Jewish people that he would keep his
covenant with them.  If God broke his
promise, he could not be God because God is always faithful and true.  Therefore, if the Jewish people were ever
completely exterminated, God would no longer be able to keep his promise;
therefore, he could no longer be God.

Therefore, the Evil One, Satan, has persecuted the Jews from
the beginning of that promise.  In 1075
the Jews were forced to wear the yellow star so that they would not fornicate
with the people.  In 1517 Pope Innocent
again forced them to wear the yellow star, in this case simply to identify them
as Jewish vs Christian.  Of course we all
know what reason Hitler had for forcing them to wear the yellow star.

I’ve never given much thought to the Jewish people.  I thought a 2-state solution sounded
reasonable.  I didn’t realize that the
charter that gave Israel a State, also gave Palestine a state.  That’s right – the exact same document gave
both a 2-state solution!  At the time,
Israel agreed, the Palestinians did not.
And they never will.  The reason they
gave was that Israel should not exist and they would never allow that to stand,
state or no state.  So they gave up their
state and declared war on Israel.

Looking at it in terms of Good vs Evil, you can imagine God
working for good and Satan working for evil.
God chose to interact with humanity through the Jewish people. He gave
them the Old Testament, including the Ten Commandments, governmental structure,
and a moral code.  That was His opening
move.  Satan’s opening move was to have
the Jewish homeland conquered multiple times and eventually having them kicked
out and spread throughout the world, being hated and persecuted wherever they

God’s next move was to fulfill a promise of returning them
to the land they owned when he made the promise to them.  Satan’s next move was to put the rest of the
middle east on a war path with the Jews.
And on and on it goes.

I believe this is reminiscent of a Chess game – the idea was
originally Glenn Beck’s.  I just gave it
some thought and translated it.  I
believe he is correct.

The Bible tells us this is basically true.  Read Genesis.

So what’s my point?
Why write about this?  Well, I’ll
keep it short, but the answer is actually a long story spanning 35 years of my
life and one very influential fiction series.

Like it or not, the Jews were the first people God chose to
interact with, according to the Bible.
Sure, he may have chosen the Chinese, the Indians or the Native
Americans, but he didn’t.  He chose the
Jews, and the Jews who are devout still practice religion in the way their
forefathers did as far back at least, as Moses.
I respect consistency.  I can look
at the Catholic Church, once run by the king, ever since changing doctrine to
match up closer with current culture.
Forgive me if you’re Catholic – I still believe you and I will meet in
Heaven.  I just think the Jews will show
us the way!

So while I’ve always been favorable toward the Jews and
Israel, I now have a better understanding of why it is the right thing to
do.  It’s Good vs Evil, right vs
wrong.  If you like to err on the side of
“good” then you have to support Israel.
That means you owe it to yourself to support the Jews.  You can’t easily become one (or not at all in
some respects) but remember which side GOD chose.

And if the only Democratic country in the middle east is
destroyed, what happens to the middle east’s women, gays, disabled and
disenchanted?  Think they’ll feel better
as they get stoned to death?


What do you think?

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