Greatness is Determined by One’s Enemies – I Am the Tea Party!

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My mom always told me I’d be known by the company I keep.  Inversely, if the people I would never hang out with are calling me names, telling me to go straight to hell, and talking about taking me out, I guess I picked the right group of people to hang out with!

I hear people saying Tea Party folks are racist.  I’m not.  Though I am concerned about illegal immigrants and Muslim extremists. I’m also concerned about nut jobs like Nancy Peloci, Maxine Waters, Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. and others who are trying to stir up racial tensions against me and my fellow Tea Party members.

I’ve met with other Tea Party members.  Some are retired teachers and power utility workers.  Some were retail store employees and others were medical professionals.  Mostly, they are just regular people.  I don’t know about them, but I don’t even own a protest sign.

Yet the choice I see is one group that calls names, gathers mobs to break store windows, protest at people’s homes, and generally cause mayhem.  This group regularly shouts hateful speech and then blames the other group for it.  The group I chose to associate with includes supporters from the clergy, military, police, firefighters, soccer moms, unemployed dads, local business people and others who don’t support violence, hatred or mayhem.

So the next time you hear someone calling the Tea Party racist, or hear about some unseemly event, search for specifics, get video, get details.  Chances are you can’t.  False accusations are the stuff of the other groups.  Unions, Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, etc., use these tactics.

You don’t have to be an activist to be in the Tea Party.  Simply pay attention, do your own homework and vote your conscience.

If Greatness is Determined by One’s Enemies, the Tea Party must truly be Great!


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