FAA The first step in Reducing Government Spending.

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The FAA is complaining. Thousands of employees are on furlough.  Projects are not being completed. Security forces have been cut. That’s the result of the FAA not automatically receiving a pay increase like it has the past 20 times it has asked for it according to President Obama.

DUH!  Sorry it had to start with the FAA employees, but it had to start somewhere on the government payroll.  Remember, ALL FAA employees  are governmental employees.  That’s Government EmployeeSALARIES PAID BY TAX PAYERS.  (like Representatives and Senators) And the government expects to lose $1 Billion in taxes because these people aren’t working.

Let’s clarify this… The Federal Government pays the FAA Employee.  That employee pays part of that back to the Federal Government in taxes. The rest, the employee spends or saves as he or she sees fit.  Federal Taxes from the 53% of us who actually pay Federal taxes, paid to Federal Employees, and are then paid back to the Federal Government, and the rest of the Government Money these employees earn is spent in the economy.  My great-grandfather called this particular sleight of hand “The Flim Flam”.

Is the FAA the right place to start? Perhaps, perhaps not.  Only time will tell. Yet we have to start somewhere.  We’ve all been told to “Eat our Peas”, and who knows, maybe we’ll be next.  Are we prepared for the worst?  I think not.  After all, that’s a ridiculous idea, right?

My prayers are with the FAA employees.  I hope they have more unemployable skills and are able to recover quickly.  Federal Government paying Federal Employees (the same goes for states) is government spending, and like it or not, we’ve got to cut spending somewhere.  For the greater good of the country, FAA employees are notably, the first to sacrifice.  I guess it sucks to be first.

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  1. gordon

    Your right that somebody has to be first and yes it does suck.Why not the National Park employees,oh thats right,they had been cut back to the quick years ago.Soon they won’t have anybody or anything to be the “Fall Guy” except them selves and heaven knows we can’t have that.

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