Are you an Ostrich?

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I’m not an Ostrich – Are you?
If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know I enjoy having an opinion. I also like to share my opinion about politics, religion, current events, the price of tea in China, you name it. I often get into discussions with other “Non-ostriches” and nearly always learn something new.
Ostriches on the other hand, put their heads in the sand. Well, not literally, but they certainly put on blinders so they don’t see anything that makes them uncomfortable or causes them to think critically. For ostriches, the very thought of having a discussion about things that impact their lives makes them ill. They’d rather let people have their way, as long as they don’t know about it. Maybe cowardice is a virtue. I don’t think so, but that’s only my opinion.
Our country is in trouble. Even the ostriches know it. I am one of those nut jobs who care, and want to understand and try to solve some of our problems. I’m a Mad Man, not an ostrich. As a Mad Man, I read, listen to and watch the news to learn what’s going on. I know Rep. Weiner has a porn problem, but I only caught a snippet of China’s purchase of European and South American Food Processing plants after selling 95% of their U.S. Treasury Notes. Which was more important? Judging by the coverage, Weinergate was more important.
Since every news service covered Weinergate, I guess they must be ostriches. Or maybe they write just for the ostriches. For the news media, It’s Cakes and Circuses. When Rome was falling apart, the politicians gave the people food and entertainment. Remember the lions v Christians? Now it’s Weinergate and food stamps. The point was to placate the citizenry and convert them to ostriches. It still seems to work.
Whether they’re convinced that one person can’t make a difference, or they simply profess ambivalence, ostriches choose to be acted upon rather than to act. I know. I used to be one.
Today I’m no longer an ostrich. I’m a Mad Man. In addition to being slightly nuts, I’m angry that we’ve let the ostriches run the ranch. It’s time to take it back. And I’m using the only tools we all have access to. Books, papers, interviews, voting records, speeches, and of course, ONS– The ostrich news services. I plan to vote smarter from now on. I’m attending city and county council meetings, I’m going to political events, I’ve joined the Tea Party and I’ve gone back to reading my Bible. It’s time those of us Non-ostriches got off our butts and learned who we’re sending to office.
I plan to be much better informed about who I vote for, fire them when they don’t perform, by voting for their opponent next time, and I am writing my employees to keep up on their activities. Yes, I said my “employees”. That’s exactly what they are.
So I’m no longer an Ostrich. Are You?

What do you think?

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