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Movie: I Am Number Four – Entertainment or Propaganda?

I just watched the movie “I am Number Four”.  I enjoyed it, though I suspect its target market demographic is more my daughter’s age group than my own.  I won’t give anything away by telling you the story, but it gave me two thoughts to ponder: First, the movie seems like a fantastic introduction to […]

Are you an Ostrich?

I’m not an Ostrich – Are you? If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know I enjoy having an opinion. I also like to share my opinion about politics, religion, current events, the price of tea in China, you name it. I often get into discussions with other “Non-ostriches” and nearly always learn something new. […]

Weiner talks about his…

For the first time in my life I saw a sitting congressman give an honest apology for doing something dumb, then lying about it.  I thought that was what congress did as a rule.  He must be sorry because he got caught.  I be sorry too. (I’m un-Friending several “Friends” as I write). Nevertheless, I […]

Will you Vote in 2012?

The Founding Fathers originally allowed only property owners to have a vote.  Mostly white men, and some white women and a few African Americans were the only voters in the beginning.  The thought was that only property owners would listen closely to what people running for office said, and would hold them to account when […]