Goodbye Holy Land

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Today our President, no friend to Israel, put the USA on the side of the Palesinians in proposing two countries, with boundaries at the 1967 borders.  But what does that mean?  And since I’m not Israeli, why should I care?

There are probably more important reasons to fight this, but I’m concerned about one more than the others.  Our Holy Lands will be in the hands of Muslims led by Hamas.

I’ve always thought about walking where Jesus walked.  I’ve fantasized about a trip to Israel to see the holiest sites in Christianity.  But if Obama gets his way, the Western “Wailing” Wall, Church of the Sepulchure, Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemene, the Garden Tomb, where Jesus was buried, and more will be off-limits.  Muslims used to control these sites and Christians were not allowed. Neither were Jews.

I admit that I’m not a fan of our President’s policies most of the time.  This time I’m willing to fight.  I’m contacting my congresspeople to instruct them to tell President Obama that the 1967 Borders are untenable for Israel.  They’re untenable for me too.


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  1. gordon d. aumick

    Jay , so well said ,we as christians absolutely can’t find P. O’S way acceptible. We need to stand with Israel no matter how popular or not. Currently there is a petition out there for protesting P. O’S idea against Israel. I believe the petition is through C.U.F.I. and it is addressed to or congress rep. .

    • jklbus01

      Thanks Gordo!

  2. Jay

    you are correct about the location of the Dome of the Rock. What you may not know is why it is located where it is, and it is not where Mohammed ascended.

    The Dome of the rock is located on top of what was the Jewish Temple. The wailing wall is the western wall of the temple. When Muslims attacked and burned Jerusalem to the ground, they purposely placed a mosque on top of the Jewish Temple. This was a practice they had performed in Turkey and Spain as well after victories in battle.

    One mosque, the Cordoba Mosque in Spain sits atop what had previously been a holy site in Spain. The recent attempt to place the Cordoba Mosque near Ground Zero paid tribute to this mosque.

    The story of Mohammad’s ascention states that he was sitting under a tree when he ascended. Only after the completion of the Dome of the rock was the story adapted to say that the tree was located there. That would have put it in the middle of the Jewish Temple. Maybe it was a fruit tree.

  3. Susan Pelham

    “In 1928, Muslims and Jews in Jerusalem began to clash over their respective communal religious rights at the Wailing Wall (al-Buraq in the Muslim tradition). The Wailing Wall, the sole remnant of the second Jewish Temple, is one of the holiest sites for the Jewish people. But this site is also holy to Muslims, since the Wailing Wall is adjacent to the Temple Mount (the Noble Sanctuary in the Muslim tradition). On the mount is the site of the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, believed to mark the spot from which the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven on a winged horse.” According to Middle East Research and Information Project It’s a confusing and complicated part of the world.

  4. Susan Pelham

    Palestinians- sorry

  5. Susan Pelham

    Would the Muslims say the same about the Isrealis? The Palestilians cannot move freely into Isreal. There needs to be seperate states. Both countries need to be recognised. Illegal settlements in the West Bank need to be stopped .

    • Jay

      Currently, Palestinians can enter Israel as long as they have a legal right to do so. Unlike the USA, Israel enforces its borders. And with good reason.

      The Palestinians view the Jewish nation as an occupier, even though they laid claim to the land over a thousand years ago before being forceably removed.

      Today, Jerusalem is inhabited by Muslims, Christians and others and is peaceful. Still, Hamas, Palestine’s leading authority is intent on the destruction of Israel. They openly deny Israel’s right to exist, and by going back to the 1967 borders, Israel will not be able to defend itself. That is exactly what Palestine and the Arabs want.

      If they go to the 1967 borders, Israel’s widest point of 45 miles, will be reduced to 8 miles. The border would place Palestine 3 miles from Israel’s international air port and remove their defenses in the Jordan Valley. The Golan Heights is in the valley. It’s called “Heights” for a reason. The Golan heights is on a bluff overlooking Israel. This is the high ground, and without it, Israel would have to fight from the bottom of the valley. Nobody can defend such a position.

      As the only Democracy in the middle east, and a long-time ally, you would think we’d side with Israel, let them keep the land they have now and create the two states where they are.

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