We Can’t Shoot ’em, so what do we do with Illegal Aliens?

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A Lesson from North Korea

Recently, an American English teacher, Aijalon Gomes illegally crossed the border to North Korea.  Unlike the USA, North Korea protects its borders.  When he was apprehended, Gomes was sentenced to eight years of hard labor and fined $700,000 for illegally entering the country.

While we become Northern Mexico, we open our borders and at worst, send people back where they came from just so they can turn around and come back.  And don’t give me that insane argument that we should only send the criminals back.  If you break the law, you’re a criminal.  Crossing the border illegally, or staying past your visa-allowed time is a criminal act, therefore, even without committing other crimes, if you’re here illegally, you’re a criminal.

I favor legal immigration, we are “The Great Melting Pot”, and immigrants have helped us become the great country that we used to be.  I’m also in favor of a guest worker program, allowing Mexican & Canadian nationals to cross the border to work, and then return home each day.  I’m even in favor of a system that offers a process by which illegal aliens can become citizens,
so long as we put more teeth in enforcement of current laws and secure our borders.

If you think about the cost to our schools, emergency rooms, police and emergency responders, road maintenance, water & public parks, then divide by the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens, maybe $700,000 isn’t too much to pay as a penalty.  Don’t have
$700,000?  Then I say work it off on public service projects. Heck, I’m even willing to pay to have you trained as a
bridge worker or road crewperson.  After all, in a country where everyone is equal under the law, lawbreakers must be
punished.  And if you’re here illegally, you’ve broken the law and deserve to pay the price.

What do you think?

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